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Choosing Fabric for a Patchwork Quilt Patchwork quilts are a legacy that enriches American history. These quilts often tell stories through the fabric incorporated in their design and are passed down in families by multiple generations.Selecting the FabricWhen beginning a patchwork quilt project, take time to carefully select the fabrics that will be included. These fabrics should harmonize with one another as well as convey the overall selected quilt pattern.Fabrics may be categorized in one of three ways according to their color value: light, medium, and dark. Determine in the selected pattern which fabric types will be required. Many patterns will categorize the required fabrics in this manner. Some patterns will list the fabrics used in the sample photo and these must be labeled by the quilter as light, medium, and dark.To determine to which category a fabric belongs, stare at the fabric through squinted eyes so that the pattern becomes blurry. The fabric's overall color appeal, whether light, dark, or in between should determine into which category it is placed. Sometimes fabrics may be analyzed at a distance to fully gauge their color value.List how many fabrics in each category the pattern will require. For example, calculate how many dark fabrics, how many medium, and how many light fabrics are needed. List separately the fabric requirements for borders, backing, and binding.Most patterns will list yardage requirements for fabric unless the pattern is specificallyspecifically Sharks jerseys cheap designed for a patchwork quilt.quilt. the Sharks jersey In such instances, total the amount of each fabric gathered by category and collect an additional yard. For a pattern requiring one yard of dark materials, collect two yards. When piecing a patchwork quilt, fabric requirements may not fully use the fabric provided in an economic way requiring use of more fabric than if the quilt were pieced as suggested.When possible, use only 1% cotton fabrics. Cotton fabric will typically sustain multiple washings and will pull against the seams in a uniform manner throughout the quilt. Use batik fabrics for patchwork patterns only when the entire quilt will be made from batiks.Do not use silk or rayon materials within a quilt. These materials will fray unevenly along the seam allowance and pull disproportionatelydisproportionately cheap Sharks jerseys on the thread creating holes in the quilt.Do not use old clothing or dish towels in a patchwork quilt. It is a myth that pioneer women quilted from the materials they had around the home including used clothing and towels. Quilts are functioning pieces of art and were made from expensive materials purchased specifically for the purpose of quilting.Clothing that has been worn and washed for a long period of time will not withstand the cutting and stitching process of quilting. The fabric will tear easily, fray rapidly, and show holes quickly during the life of the quilt. Old clothing should only be used in patchwork piecing when the finished product is a wall quilt that will not be washed or used frequently.If making a t shirt quilt, purchase a pattern specific to t shirt quilts. These patterns will instruct the quilter to mount the t shirt onto a separate backing materially for added stability during the piecing process.Use fabric left over from previous quilting projects to create a new patchwork quilt. Most quilt shops sell fabric pre cut into an 18 by 22 inch rectangle known as a "fat quarter". This material is so named because it lends a quarter yard of fabric into a size more easily used by quilters. Mix and match fat quarter colors into a patchwork pattern.Distribute similar materials evenly throughout the piecing process so that they do not end up next to one anotheranother cheap Sharks jerseys from china within the finished quilt. Use this same technique for similar colors so that the finished product does not appear to have one area of primarily red fabrics or blue. This will create a balanced look throughout the quilt.Choosing the PatternSome patterns that lend themselves easily to patchwork quilting are log cabin quilts and nine patch quilts. Pre cut log cabin strips to a uniform width and length and separate them by color value, whether light or dark, into two separate bags. Pull a different piece from either bag and cut the strip to the required length during piecing. This creates a stunning patchwork end effect.Take the finished patchwork center to a local quilt fabric store to buy coordinating border and backing fabric. A patchwork quiltquilt Sharks new jerseys 2014 will contain many small pieces with as many seams. Border these quilts with one solid strip of fabric on each side to create maximum stability around the quilt and help to "square" the quilt.