Probate and Trust Litigation

Richard T. Heiden, P.A. is experienced in representing clients in contested matters relating to:
  • Contesting or defending the validity of wills, codicils, and other estate planning documents;
  • Challenging or defending the beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts and other pay-on-death accounts;
  • Representing parties in disputes that occur between relatives, and others including caregivers and friends relating to the division of assets of an estate; and
  • Filing claims or defending against claims against estates for recovery of monies owed by a decedent;
Estate, Probate and Trust Litigation often results from contested matters on grounds such as:
  • Lack of testamentary capacity;
  • Undue influence;
  • Mistake;
  • Insane Delusion;
  • Fraud and duress;
  • Failure to execute legal documents with required statutory formalities;
  • Revocation
The legal grounds for contesting a trust are generally the same for contesting a will.  The judicial procedures are somewhat different but the actions are heard in the same circuit courts.  Whether you have a probate or a trust litigation matter, our firm has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you in these matters. If you have a legal concern regarding a probate or trust litigation matter, feel free to contact our office to arrange a consultation regarding your legal rights.