Public Records Litigation

Richard T. Heiden, P.A. is proud to be a pioneer in public records litigation. Richard T. Heiden has handled landmark cases in public records litigation in the State of Florida. Richard T. Heiden, P.A. represents individuals, or corporations, who seek to protect the public's right of access to public records from agencies in the State of Florida . Access to public records is constitutionally protected by Article I, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution and by Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. This firm has, and will continue to, represent individuals who have been denied access to public records by state agencies in the State of Florida. Richard T. Heiden, P.A. remains committed to protecting individuals from governmental abuse. Richard T. Heiden , P.A. recognizes that it is only through Government in the Sunshine that the public can be assured that the government is working by and for the people as our constitutional founders had intended. Richard T. Heiden, P.A. will remain on the forefront of this area of the law in order to ensure that all records of this state, and any agency therein, remain open for reasonable inspection, by any person.