Real Estate Practice

Richard T. Heiden, P.A. routinely represents clients concerning all aspects of real estate brokerage law. Richard T. Heiden, P.A. has represented many large and small real estate franchises in Florida. Routinely, Richard T. Heiden, P.A. has acted as counsel, including general counsel, for many real estate brokerage companies assisting responsible brokers in handling routine and complex issues that arise during the course of the normal every day practice of the sale of real estate in Florida . Ordinary disputes include the construction of addendums to contracts, contract interpretation, dispute resolution, arbitration and mediations regarding real estate disputes between buyers and sellers and commission disputes, disputes between listing agreement interpretations and the right to lien, choice of contract and creation of contractual language to meet the needs of the client. Richard T. Heiden, P.A.'s brokerage litigation practice often involves issues such as:
  • Whether a broker is entitled to a commission
  • Whether a broker is a procuring cause
  • Whether a buyer and a seller conspired to deprive a broker of a commission
  • Whether a protection period entitles a broker to a commission
  • Whether a broker has breached their fiduciary duty to principal
  • Interpleader Actions